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Setting Goals for a New School Year 

Setting goals and being accountable for meeting those goals will help you to make the most of this year of high school.  Ask yourself these questions below.  The answers will help shape your goals for the year. 

  1. How can I make a difference this year?  Is there a community group you can volunteer for?  A school activity you want to be more involved in?  Make a goal now to make a difference through a group you are already involved with or find a group to participate in and make a difference through. 
  2. How can I improve my learning?  Do you learn by listening to a presentation from a teacher?  Or do you prefer asking questions and sharing your opinion?  Do you like hands-on projects and inquiry-based learning?  You know you can adapt your study habits to your learning style.  Tailoring your study skills to your learning style will save you time and help you to study smarter, rather than longer.  
  3. How can I be prepared for the future?  The future (college, careers, family life, other) is coming sooner than you think.  Use this year to job shadow someone in a career you find interesting, research different majors, or learn a new skill/develop a talent.   


Take Action 

Use the Learning Styles Survey in GuidedPath to understand your Learning Styles.  The Learning Styles report gives you a list of study habits to match your top learning styles.  Take the Find My Spark survey in GuidedPath to learn more about your personality and how it connects to careers.  Use this information to find careers you can job shadow this year. 

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