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Saying Thank You


This week, May 1 specifically, is traditionally the official end of the college application process – the finish line!  And although this year it may seem like a lot remains up in the air, hopefully you can find some happiness in knowing that at least the applications are behind you.   

As you wind down senior year, now is the time to acknowledge the people who have made a difference in your high school experience.  Teachers, counselors, coaches and others have all helped shaped the person you have become.  Take some time to let them know the impact they have made.  A heartfelt thank you note can make all the difference to a teacher or advisor, especially at a time when many of them are also struggling to adapt to these new circumstances.  Here are the top DO’s for saying “Thank you”. 


  1. Say “Thank You” in writing.  Although a card is great, email will work as well.   
  2. Write the note yourself.  Don’t let your parent write these notes.  They should come from you.  
  3. Be specific in your expression of gratitude.  Include a favorite memory of class, or a game, or a moment that stands out to you in your relationship.   
  4. Tell this person how they made a difference in your life. 
  5. Set a deadline and write your notes/emails before graduation. 

Your teachers, counselors and others who have helped you through high school, rarely get a thank you from the students they served.  Especially this year, many will be missing the in-person hugs and high fives on the last day of school.  Make their day by remembering and acknowledging their contributions.  

“None of us got to where we are alone.  Whether the assistance we received was obvious or subtle, acknowledging someone’s help is a big part of understanding the importance saying thank you.”  Harvey Mackay 

Take Action 

Create a task and deadline for yourself to get your thankyou cards completed.  Use your Letters of Recommendation or Course Plan (in Surveys) to review all your teachers, counselors and community people who might need a personalized thank you. 

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