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When am I taking what test?


There are lots of tests and test dates to keep track of.  Knowing what tests are offered when, and the months for registration deadlines are important for scheduling. 

Planning Your College Entrance Tests 

  1. Plan your test schedule for taking the ACT, PSAT, SAT and SAT Subjects.
  2. Schedule tests with time in between to get your scores back.  This way you know what sections need work.
  3. Register early for your test.
  4. Allow 45-60 minutes to register. There are lots of questions!
  5. Upload a picture for your ACT or SAT / SAT Subject Test Registration.
  6. Optin to the Student Search Service when registering for the SAT or PSAT, or the ACT Educational Opportunity Service (EOS) when registering for the ACT to receive emails or mailings from colleges 

Take Action 

Use GuidedPath to easily schedule your tests.  You will get reminders for registration deadlines and test dates! 

  • Pick the tests you want to take.   
  • Once you pick a test to take, GuidedPath will send you email reminders before the regular registration date. 
  • If you miss the regular registration date, you’ll get a reminder for late registration. 
  • Once you register for a test, check the “Registered” box in GuidedPath. 
  • Be better prepared with reminder emails that come about upcoming tests. 

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