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What’s in a location?


How do you describe where you live?  City? Suburb? Country?  As you explore colleges, one thing to look at is the location of the college.  Think about where you want to go to school.  The location has a significant impact on your college experience.

Here are terms used in college “locations” with definitions:

  • Major City: Population 300,000 or more: or within a 25 mile radius of a metropolitan area.
  • Small-Medium City:  Population 75,000-299,999 or within 15-25 mile radius of its metropolitan area.
  • Large Town: Population 25,000-74,999) or within 10 mile radius of a large town.
  • Small Town: Population 5,000-24,999) or within 5 mile radius of a small town.
  • Rural: Population under 5,000, in or near a rural community.

How do you know what will be best for you?  Search for:

  • Nearest airport.
  • Nearest large city.
  • Nearest outdoor experiences (beach, mountains, etc.).
  • Popular student gathering places on campus.
  • Popular student gathering places off campus.
  • Activities available on weekends at the school.
  • Activities available on weekends in the community.
  • Nearest tourist attractions.
  • Movie, bowling or other recreational activities nearby?
  • Employment opportunities.
  • Your faith community- on or off campus.

The location of your college will make an enormous impact on your college experience.  Be sure to explore all the options. Look on the college website.  View the college facebook pages. Most importantly, look it up on a map.


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