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What’s in a location?


How do you describe where you live?  City? Suburb? Country? As you explore colleges, one thing to consider is the location of the college.  Location can make a significant impact on your college experience. Think about where you want to go to school.  

Here are terms used in college “locations” with definitions: 

  • Major City: Population 300,000 or more: or within a 25 mile radius of a metropolitan area. 
  • Small-Medium City:  Population 75,000-299,999 or within 15-25 mile radius of its metropolitan area. 
  • Large Town: Population 25,000-74,999 or within 10 mile radius of a large town. 
  • Small Town: Population 5,000-24,999 or within 5 mile radius of a small town. 
  • Rural: Population under 5,000, in or near a rural community. 

How do you know what will be best for you?  Search for: 

  • Nearest airport. 
  • Nearest large city. 
  • Nearest outdoor experiences (beach, mountains, etc.). 
  • Popular student gathering places on campus. 
  • Popular student gathering places off campus. 
  • Activities available on weekends at the school. 
  • Activities available on weekends in the community. 
  • Nearest tourist attractions. 
  • Movie, bowling or other recreational activities nearby? 
  • Employment opportunities. 
  • Your faith community- on or off campus. 

Be sure to explore all the options. Look on the college website. View the college facebook pages. Most importantly, look it up on a map. 

Take Action 

Use the Guided Search to explore the location of colleges you are interested in. GuidedPath offers search on location types. Also check out: 

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