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What is your status as a Junior?


January equals the mid-point of your junior year. NOW is the time to review your MID YEAR JUNIOR CHECKLIST. This is an exciting but busy year for you.

  1. Meet with High School counselor

⬜  Review PSAT scores with counselor and parents

⬜  Ask for recommendations for summer programs

⬜  Set senior year course schedule

⬜  Set standardized testing schedule

⬜  Discuss any school based standardized testing (AP, IB, other)

  1. Gear up for Senior Year

⬜  Explore summer programs

⬜  Set up plans to prepare for all spring tests, using PSAT test scores as a guide

⬜  Talk to teachers about recommendation policies.

⬜  Do some job shadowing or internships to learn more about potential careers

⬜  Plan college visits

Take Action:

  • Take or review the Course Plan Survey to verify your Senior Year courses fulfill your graduation requirements.
  • Add your Spring testing schedule to GuidedPath in order to get registration and test reminders.