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What is the Senioritus Blues?

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Singing the Senioritus Blues

I worked my rear off four years straight

Taken tests over and over with my classmates

Volunteered my face in all the school clubs

Took AP classes until I was ready to hit the local pub

Ran for office more than was my due

Played Varsity football, soccer, and wrestling too

Choose my list of colleges with my advisor’s might and strength

Not too long, not too short, just the right length

Essays and applications, perfected and polished

Are what it will take to get me into college

Soon my answers will come back clear

No from some, I know, and a hopeful yes from the one I hold most dear

Now I can party and enjoy myself December to May

Replace homework with music on my phone to stay

Drop Calculus and take time with friends after lunch

No need to study, the AP test will be a cinch

I can go to prom and stay up until dawn

Forget about helping my parents or mowing the lawn

Wait!  My college friend said to beware

Or I will be singing the senioritis blues

In a letter from the college I will get the news

The college does not like seeing my grades in the cellar

They care if my record is no longer stellar

The college can and will withdrew my acceptance for the fall

Then my face will no longer grace the freshman hall

I have learned from my friend’s story

I don’t want to let senioritis get to me.

Or I will be singing the senioritis blues.


Your Edge:

Keep going strong in your senior year.  Make the rest of your senior year count.