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Underclassmen: What do your PSAT Scores Tell You?





It’s pointless to take a test if you can’t learn and improve from your experience.  The PSAT is meant to help you do just that. Be smart by using your PSAT scores to improve your score on the “real” SAT.  Your score report explains what areas you need to review before taking the next test.  

How did you do?  

Look at your PSAT/NMSQT Score report and answer the following questions: 

  • What is your total score?  
  • What is your sample percentile?   
  • What was your Evidence based Reading/Writing Score? 
  • What was your Math score? 
  • What sample percentile are you in for your Reading/Writing and Math Scores? 

Your PSAT scores are your baseline – a starting point to improve from there.  The sample percentiles indicate how you performed compared to other students. 

College and Career Readiness Benchmarks 

Find your Reading, Writing and Language and Math test scores. They include bars that are green, yellow and red.  

Green scores indicate you have met the benchmark; yellow means you are approaching the benchmark, and red means you have work to do to meet the benchmark.  

Your Scores: Next Steps 

Review this section carefully. It gives you suggestions for ways to improve your skills.  

Take Action 

Record your PSAT scores in GuidedPath, and schedule your next SAT or PSAT test.