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What do you do in the summertime?

sunandlotionEdge Tip:

Summertime!  Dreaming of sleeping in, hanging out with friends and producing YouTube videos?  Time is precious!  Plan now to use your summer time to explore careers, build upon your extra-curricular experiences, learn new skills or have new experiences. Here are some summertime ideas.

  1.   Take up a new form of exercise (swimming, biking, running, etc.).
  2.   Volunteer to help in a political campaign.
  3.   Take a college class.
  4.   Do a job shadow.
  5.   Explore your creative side through a class or project.
  6.   Take a first aid class.
  7.   Volunteer at a children’s summer camp.
  8.    Take a class at the local arts center or theater group.
  9.   Volunteer to coach or be an assistant coach for a sport.
  10.   Do an internship.
  11.   Take a study skills class.
  12.   Take a speed reading class.
  13.   Learn how to take notes.
  14.   Take a computer skills or keyboarding class.
  15.   Do a summer exchange program.
  16.   Start a business.
  17.   Participate in a simulation program like Mock Trial or Model United Nations.
  18.   Do a language immersion program.
  19.   Do a trek.
  20.   Teach a new skill to children or senior citizens.
  21.   Organize a family reunion.
  22.   Volunteer at a community event.
  23.   Write articles for your local newspaper.
  24.   Volunteer for the city or other parks in your community.
  25.   Write a family history.
  26.   Create and publish a photo book.
  27.   Organize and create a mural in your community.
  28.   Organize a local youth event.
  29.   Write and produce a video to support local conservation.
  30.   Start a blog on a topic you care about.

Your Edge:

Summer will pass by quickly – make a plan now to explore some of these options!