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Happy 2020!


It’s the start of a new year and a new decade (possibly – there’s debate about that).  However, there’s no denying that January 1, 2020 is an opportunity to take on new challenges.  Start the New Year with these resolutions:   

  1. Use your phone for something more than social media!  Get organized in 2020 by trying a new app or two.  Apps like My Study LifeTodaitTinyCards, and Forest – will all help you organize your schedule and study smarter.  Here’s another list of the best apps for high school students.     
  2.  Learn about yourself.  Take a personality or learning styles survey.  Find free online or ask your counselor for links to surveys.
  3. Use social media responsibly.  Does it pass the “parent” test?  If it isn’t something you would want your parent to see- don’t post it. 
  4. Pick up a book!  Make an effort to read a novel each month, or at minimum try reading one long-form journalism piece each week.  Reading will improve your vocabulary and make you a better writer.
  5. Make someone smile.  Find ways to bring happiness into someone’s life each day.

 Happy New Year from the GuidedPath team. 


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