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What are you looking for in a college?

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Learn about college

Wondering what to look for and how to find colleges? Kaetlyn, a 2015 graduate, has tips for you about the “Coolest Features of GuidedPath Search”.  Using the search in GuidedPath, you can compare

  • General Information- college size, location, public and/or private…
  • Academic- acceptance rate, FISKE academic ratings, ACT or SAT scores, GPA….
  • Financial Aid- average merit award, percent of need met, average financial aid size, cost of attendance….
  • Social Experience- college style, FISKE social and quality of life ratings, students in housing…..

Your Edge:

Read Kaetlyn’s tips for using GuidedPath Search when comparing different colleges. Learn what she says are the “Coolest Features” of the GuidedPath Search.

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