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When should I take the SAT?

When should you take the SAT or the ACT?  Identify which statement below applies to you to help determine the best timing for the test.   


Schedule your test based on the table above.  Regardless of the timing, don’t take the SAT or ACT without preparing in advance.  The CollegeBoard (for SAT) and the ACT both offer a number of free test prep resources. 

Sophomores and Freshman
You will have the opportunity to take the PSAT 10 and PSAT/NMSQT later (11th grade)- so you will get lots of exposure to taking a standardized test. But, taking the real test may also be a good option.  Taking the actual SAT or ACT gives you a baseline score.  Although you may likely take the test again by senior year, you will know what to expect.  As suggested, prepare in advance by taking a practice test or completing a test prep program.  Free options exist on the CollegeBoard and ACT websites. 

Take Action 
Use GuidedPath to view test dates and create a testing schedule based on your personality type.

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