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Building teacher/counselor relationships

Hoping to get a great recommendation letter for your college or scholarship applications?  It’s hard to write a recommendation for someone you don’t know.  It’s especially important to have strong relationships with your teachers and counselor but it might seem difficult to cultivate those relationships in the era of “home learning”.  How can you reach out to your teachers?  Here are 3 tips to building good relationships no matter what your school situation is.   

  1. Show Up!   Get to know your teachers/counselor and give them opportunities to get to know you.  Be sure to show up for required class meetings (online or in-person) and also take advantage of “office hours” or other chances to interact with your teachers.    
  2. Speak Up!  Make your voice heard by asking questions during class or after hours by email.  Share thoughts and ideas, ask for clarification if needed, and be an active participant.  Use your voice, even by email.  This lets the teacher know you are engaged and interested in their class.   
  3. Stand Out!  Make yourself known.  Let teachers know your interests and get to know theirs; you may find common ground.  Although many extracurriculars are currently suspended, stay connected with activity advisors and collaborate on new ways to be involved even when school is closed.  Teachers will take notice when you take initiative.      

Take Action 

  • Update your Activity Record in GuidedPath.  Be sure to list all your activities.  Who are the advisors for each activity?  Focus on getting to know your advisors better. 
  • Start adding teachers’ names to the Letters of Recommendation form in GuidedPath.   

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