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Top Tips for Visiting Colleges as an Admitted Student

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Receiving the letter or email of acceptance to colleges is a time for celebration! What’s your next step? Many colleges will be inviting you to visit the campus as an “admitted student”.

These visits can be:

  • A designated day event on campus
  • A designated weekend or overnight event on campus
  • A designated window of time to come visit (between two dates)
  • A scholarship competition
  • An orientation

We have tips for making the most of these visits.

Preparing for the visit

  • Review your priorities for a good college fit. As discussed in the blog What is College Fit. Fit includes 4 components; academic, social, emotional and physical.
  • Brush up on details.  Refresh your knowledge about the school’s size, mascot and other details of interest to you. It will help make your visit more meaningful if you have the basics down.
  • Explore advising options for your major.  When do you start advising?
  • Review housing options. Where would you live?
  • Explore activities offered? What appeals to you?

On Campus

Prepare a list of questions to ask during your admitted student visit. Plan a visit when the college is in session.  You need to see the college from the perspective of a student. As a part of the visit, see if you can make the following appointments;

  1. Meet with an advisor for your major or in the college you were admitted to. Learn more about the courses and professors in your selected field of study.
  2. Visit Housing and tour dorm options.  Where will you live as a freshman?
  3. Meet with a financial aid counselor.  How does your financial aid look? Parents have any questions that need answered?

As you visit the campus, ask yourself these questions.

  • Do I feel I would fit in academically here?
  • Would I fit in socially here?
  • Do I feel comfortable with the physical location?

Learn from Kaetlyn

Kaetlyn writes about her college visits and shares more tips on the college visit.

After Your Visit

  • Send a thank you for the visit.
  • Record your thoughts on your visit.
  • Add visits as application milestones or tasks.
  • Use college profiles to learn about a school.

Enjoy your visits.  Find which school fits you best!