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Late College Applications – Colleges are still looking for students

Did you get started late applying to colleges? Or perhaps you got your December test scores back and you are reconsidering what colleges you are applying to?  

Don’t worry! There are many colleges that you can apply to in January and after (even some through August). Here are a few tips for finding colleges/universities with open applications: 

  1. Schools with Rolling Admissions: Rolling admission schools review applications essentially in the order that they are received.  These schools will continue to take applications for as long as there are still spaces available in the freshman class.  The college does not wait for all applications to be submitted before giving you an admissions decision.
  2. Check the Regular Decision deadlines:  Many colleges have “regular” decision deadlines between January and March.  Although, your options for financial aid or scholarships may be somewhat limited the later you apply.
  3. Nearby Public Universities:  Public universities, especially those near you, may have local attendance areas.  Being in the local area may help increase your chances of being admitted.  Some have deadlines that are later than other public universities.
  4. Religiously Affiliated Colleges: Some religiously affiliated colleges or universities will have extended application dates.

Take Action
Each college profile lists the application deadline for the school.  Search for colleges in the above categories, then check their application deadlines.  If the deadline has not passed add it to your college list.

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