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College Transition: Are you ready?

For many students, high school is like a second home.  It’s a place you feel comfortable.  You know where to find your friends and your favorite places to hang out.  Now, you’re getting ready to embark on a new adventure – college.  This will be unlike any experience you’ve had in the past.  How do you prepare?  What should you expect?

Harlan Cohen (the NY Times bestselling author of The Naked Roommate) shares some thoughts in this TEDx Talk video about what you need to do to prepare for college: Getting Comfortable with the Uncomfortable.

Watch Harlan Cohen’s TEDx Talk  

Take Action
Talk to your parents and friends about steps you can take to start getting ready to leave home and go to college next fall.

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Getting Ready for Life

There is more to going to college than showing up on campus the first day with schedule and books in hand.  Whether it is next summer or years away, use the summer to plan and prepare for going away from home and for getting on campus.  Below we’ve shared interviews with two experts – one is a NY Times best-selling author who wrote a book on college transition, and the other is a current college student Hear what advice they have for you on preparing for college.  

The Importance of People, Places and Patience for Going to College 

Learn why these three things are important in college from Harlan Cohen, a New York Times best-selling author.  View video. 

5 Tips for Excelling in School 

What can you do to make school easier?  Hear about a student’s journey going from high school to college.  Mohammad shares what made college easier and a more rewarding experience.  View video. 

Take Action 

Based on the video interviews create a list of three action items to complete this summer to help you prepare for the college transition.  Examples might include: learn a new study skill (use the Learning Styles survey to get ideas), get organized for your fall classes, create a time management plan (start using a calendar to keep track of appointments and deadlines), etc.    

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