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Success in Life

Success in life is more than just graduating from the “best” college.  However, finding the college that’s the best fit for you can help facilitate that success.  Your best fit college may not be the school ranked #1 by US News, or the school your parents went to, or the school your best friend is applying to – you get the idea.  So how do you find college that will help you pave the path to success?   

Jullien Gordon has some advice on that topic in this TEDxTalk.  Jullien talks about the four types of capital that you need to develop in order to achieve success  

  1. Personal capital 
  2. Intellectual capital 
  3. Social capital 
  4. Financial capital 

Understanding these four types of capital can help you choose a college that will open doors for your future.     

Take Action 

As Jullien explains, you must be able to answer the question “Why do I want to go to college?”.  To answer that question, you need to know yourself.  Use the summer to consider what these four types of capital mean to you and why you want to go to college.  An answer to this question will help you define the best fit college for you.    

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