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Study in the UK


Many students dream of studying not only in a different state, but in a different country. If you have dreamed of going to a school like Prince William met Kate, (St. Andrews in Scotland), or an ancient school such as Oxford, consider attending college in the United Kingdom.

There are several advantages to studying in the United Kingdom:

  1. Graduate with a degree in 3 years (England).  You can finish your degree in 3 years and move on to graduate school or a career sooner than in an American University.  Scottish Universities offer a 4 year degree.
  1. Start in your major.  You can start as a freshman studying medicine, engineering or law. Get started right away in the field of your interest.
  1. Skip the general education. There is no general education  courses required in the UK education system.  Take only the classes you need, for the subject you are studying.
  1. No language proficiency test needed.  Most of all, you can experience a new culture and still be speaking English. You don’t have to worry about receiving instruction in a language you are still mastering.  Undoubtedly, understanding the accents will take time!
  1. No additional cost. UK accepts the same Stafford loan colleges in the US accept. You could actually pay less to go to school in the UK than staying home and attending a high cost school in an expensive area of the International Student Loan has a list of colleges in the UK eligible for Stafford loans.

Explore United Kingdom schools through the Educate in UK website. Make notes in your GuidedPath account.