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Standardized Test Stress

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Standardized testing can be daunting!  Follow these tips to reduce your stress and help you do best on your tests.

3 Times is Enough  

Plan to take the SAT and/or the ACT no more than 3 times each.  You should be done testing by fall of your senior year. 

Try both the SAT and ACT 

Take a diagnostic test or take the official ACT/SAT tests to see which one you prefer or do best on.  Applerouth test prep created a comparison guide illustrating the differences between the two tests – one may suit your style more.  Once you know which exam you prefer, put all your energy into it.  

Start studying. 

  • Don’t waste time taking the official test before you’ve studied.  At the very least, take a look at a prep book or take a practice test online.  Know what to expect on the test and be familiar with the format.  
  • Practice test taking strategies.  Practice your weaknesses.  Don’t waste time practicing your strengths. 
  • Take advantage of test prep resources.  There are many free resources available from CollegeBoard (for the SAT) or from ACT.  You can also find great online or in-person classes from companies like Applerouth or Method Test Prep

Know which other standardized tests you have to take. 

Do you have to take SAT subject tests to be admitted to your school of choice? 

Treat the SAT for what it isa small piece of the picture. 

Colleges use a holistic admissions process.  They evaluate all parts of your application, including your test results.

Take Action 

Check out the study aids included in GuidedPath: Test Prep Resources Here are just a few examples:   

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