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Seniors: What did you get on your AP’s?

AP Scores cropped

Anxious to see your AP scores? Wait no longer! AP tests come out next week. Scores come out by physical location. View the date and location schedule on the College Board schedule.

Go to www.apscore.org to view your scores.

What is the AP exam score scale?

There is no “pass” or “fail” on the AP tests.  It’s important to understand the definitions of the AP scores.

5 = extremely well qualified | This will get you  college credit at some universities

4 = well qualified  |  This will get you college credit at some universities

3 = qualified   |  This can get you college credit as some universities

2 = possibly qualified   |  You will not get college credit at a university

1 = no recommendation   |  You will not get college credit at a university

What if I have other scores?

2016 and past years scores are ONLY available online.  You can view your scores from 2015 and earlier now. Go to www.apscore.org to view scores on tests you took in previous years.

What if my scores need to be rushed to meet a July 15 deadline for the college I am attending?

If you place an order to send your scores to colleges between June 17-July 3, your scores will not be processed until July 4. College Board has the following process in place:

“All orders placed between July 4 at 12:00 a.m. and July 14 at 6:30 p.m. EDT will be processed as a rush delivery but only charged the standard delivery fee of $15. Rush delivery typically takes 5 – 9 days. The exact number of days depends on when you submit your request and the location of your score recipient. If you do not believe you will be able to meet your school’s deadline because you have a later score access date, please contact AP Services at apstudents@info.collegeboard.org or 888-225-5427 (toll free) or 212-632-1780”.

What if I have other questions about my AP test scores?

Check out the College Board’s AP Student Top Questions page for answers to viewing and sending scores to colleges, payment, and more.