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Seniors: Tips for finding money for college

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Now is the time to look for scholarships!

College scholarships come from three sources:

  1. Colleges you applied to
  2. Scholarships from your community
  3. National or larger regional organizations

At your College

Most scholarships come from the school you have applied to.    See the scholarship tab – it will list any academic scholarship offered to 8 or more students.

Start Local

Increase your chances for scholarships by starting your scholarship search locally. Many local scholarships are looking for applicants!  Check

  • with counseling office
  • school parent organization (PTA, Booster clubs, etc.)
  • with local library
  • sign up for online bulletin with scholarships through your school

Expand Regionally

Use your residence as a means to get more money for college.  Many states offer scholarships to top students.  Check to see what is offered through your state.  Check deadlines for any state scholarships you qualify for.

Compete Nationally

There are dozens of national scholarship search engines available.  Many are nothing more than a way to market credit cards or other products to you.  Here are our recommended scholarship search sources.

Add your college scholarship deadlines to your application plan.

Review scholarships for all colleges on your list and add milestones or notes for ones you are eligible for and will apply to.