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Do activities matter?

do activities matter

Colleges use activities to understand you more as a person – how do you like to spend your time and what types of activities have you committed yourself to?  Essentially, what makes you, you?  Colleges typically look for depth of involvement – assessing how long you have been a part of the activity and whether you’ve held a leadership role (even if that role did not have a formal title).  What’s not recommended is “padding your resume” by joining many clubs and activities in senior year just to add something to your list.   

Use GuidedPath to help create your activity list.   

  • Make a master list of all your activities starting with 9th grade.  These may be in-school or out-of-school.  Record all the ways you dedicate your time outside of class and homework.  Student government, sports, performing arts, volunteer commitments, paid jobs,    
  • Write down everything for now – you can prioritize later.  The Common App will ask you to list your ten most important activities.   
  • Ask parents and friends for input.  They may remember something you forgot. 
  • Include events, like a blood drive or fund-raising event, especially if you were involved in planning or organizing. 
  • List hobbies and other ways you spend your time  work, family obligations, cooking, music, gaming, writing.  Again, these do not need to be school-sponsored.     

Take Action 

Complete the Activity Record under Surveys in GuidedPath and keep it updated.  You can give it to teachers and counselors when they write your recommendations.  It will help them write a better recommendation for you.  It will also be useful when you are completing the Activities section on the Common Application.  

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