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An Attitude of Gratitude

Seniors, the end of the application process is in sight.  Early application deadlines are approaching and some have even passed.  Much of the application work is already done – SAT taken, essays written, recommendations requested.  Hopefully you can spend your fall break and the Thanksgiving holiday relaxing with family and friends.  A rest from the college application process is surely well deserved.   

In addition, you might also take some time to consider and thank the people who helped you get this far.  Teachers, counselors, parents, coaches – you can likely think of more than few people who have played a part in this process.  Take a minute or two of your time to write a gratitude list.  Who has helped you and what did they do?  Turn that list into a thank you email or note, or tell them in person that you sincerely appreciate their help.  Psychologists note that having an “attitude of gratitude” can benefit you in a number of ways.  Gratitude can: 

  1. Increase your feelings of contentment and reduce anxiety.   
  2. Promote your physical health by reducing symptoms of illness, helping you feel more rested, lowering blood pressure, etc.    
  3. Strengthen your relationships making you feel closer to friends, family and mentors.   
  4. Encourage you to “pay it forward” – making you more helpful, generous, and kind.   

Spending a small amount of time during your break cultivating your attitude of gratitude will put you in a positive frame of mind to finish up your college applications when you return.   

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