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Welcome to Senior Year

Although you may be deep in summer vacation mode, you are officially a high school senior and college application season is just around the corner!  We’d like to welcome you to the senior year version of the weekly Guru blog.  Here are a few pieces of advice to kick off the college application process:  

  1. Get organized – Senior year can feel like a juggling game and you don’t want to miss a deadline or assignment.  You need a system to stay organized – a calendar, a google spreadsheet, whatever works best for you.  Choose something that you will keep up-to-date and preferably that you can share with others (like your parents or counselor).  GuidedPath is a great option for organizing college deadlines and requirements.  
  2. Prepare now – Although you may feel like kicking back with friends for now, summer is the best opportunity to get a jump start on the college process.  Finish your common app essay, tour colleges, finalize your list of schools, register for any upcoming tests that you still need (SAT, ACT, etc.).  The more you get done now; the less hectic senior year will feel.  
  3. Own the process – Many people including your parents, friends, teachers, even well-meaning strangers will have advice for you on applying to college.  However, this is your process and it’s your job to stay on top of it.  Don’t rely on parents or your counselor to do things like remind you of deadlines or schedule campus tours.  
  4. Gather advice – Remember those well-meaning strangers…they are just trying to help.  Although this is your application process and ultimately you will make the final decision, it’s a good idea to include others – especially your family – on the journey.  Ask questions and ask for opinions.  Getting advice doesn’t mean you have to take it.   

Speaking of advice, we hope you will find our weekly emails full of useful tips.  Welcome to senior year!   


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