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Looking for an exciting summer?

What are your plans for summer?  Now is the time to find programs for next summer to participate in. Do it this month!  Many programs fill up early.  Many have deadlines as early as February. 


What types of summer programs are there? 


Want to take an AP government class or a Biology AP class in the summer?  Or be on a college campus?  Or are you an international student needing to brush up on English. Several options exist for you.  

Take advantage of opportunities to do research in an area of interest.  Local colleges may have programs for high school students to assist with faculty research, or take the time to investigate your own interests.   

Hone your sport skills by participating in a camp or program on a college campus. Check with your coach for summer opportunities. 

Test Prep
Ready to take the SAT or ACT? Want to improve your score and get ahead in your studying? Many test prep choices exist – in person, online, one-week intensives, on-going individual tutoring, and classroom-based courses. 

Do a home stay in Switzerland, visit a Latin American country to learn Spanish, or volunteer abroad.  Many travel options exist to broaden your world view.     

Performing arts, music camps, internships, the list of options is endless. 


Here are just a few websites to get you started in looking for summer programs. 


Take Action
Record your summer activity in your Activity list in GuidedPath.