Frequently Asked Questions

…and the answers


Each purchased account will remain active until the student starts college, which is approximately September the year of high school graduation.
Although much of the college planning activities are done the junior and senior year, we highly encourage students to get started earlier. GuidedPath Edge provides a few activities to help younger students start getting interested in colleges, such as surveys, college videos, research resources and financial planning. All high school courses and activities can also be tracked in Edge. In addition, the Guru weekly emails that come with Edge will provide great insight to learn the complex college ecosystem in small, manageable bites.

We put the one time purchase in place specifically to not discourage younger students from organizing and learning about the college process as soon as possible.

Each student account can have unlimited number of associated accounts for parents, tutors, other family members, teachers, etc. These connection accounts can view and/or update the student’s account.

Yes, Edge helps students from around the world that are interested in colleges in the United States and other countries. Special processing is included to support international tests and application requirements for international students. Although the rich college data is for US based schools, Edge does list some colleges in Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Korea and many more countries.

GuidedPath as a company has been around since 2008 creating systems to support families and advisors in the college planning space.

You have 14 days from the day of purchase to cancel your account.  If you do, your credit card will not be charged.   Look for a cancellation link in the emails sent from GuidedPath.  (check your spam folder if you can’t find them).  You can also cancel within the first 14 days by   contacting
Absolutely! If you get a free EFC Calculator account and then decide to purchase and Edge account, you will keep your same credentials and all the work you have completed on the EFC Calculator will be available in your new Edge account.