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Maria Schwartz
CEO & Founder
TeenLife Media
Choosing the Path Less Traveled: How a Gap Year Can Enhance Your College ExperienceRecent years has seen a growing number of students choosing not to attend college right out of high school. Increasingly, students and parents are seeing the value of taking time to learn and grow before launching into college. In an interview with Marie Schwartz, Cyndy McDonald explore the reasons students choose to do a gap year, and why it is growing in popularity. Understanding how to evaluate programs for quality is an important skill parents, students and counselors must develop.
Wed. Apr. 26
10 am PST/ 1 pm EST
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Harlan Cohen 7 Big Mistakes High School Seniors Make When Picking a CollegeMillions of high school grads will struggle during their first year in college. Most problems can be tracked back to common mistakes students make during college search and selection. Harlan Cohen, author of the New York Times bestselling book, The Naked Roommate, will reveal the 7 BIGGEST mistakes students make and offer a new framework to help students choose the right school for ALL the right reasons.View Presentation & Slides
Lisa Zimmer HatchThe New ACT- What's the Hype All About?Changes implemented in the September 2015 ACT test spotlight the career focus of the ACT. Lisa, author of ACT for Dummies and other books, will delve into the updated ACT: the revision of the Essay, the new English Language Arts (ELA) and Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Score (STEM) on the ACT. How should it be interpreted? How will colleges use it? Join Lisa to learn tips and strategies you can use.View Presentation & Slides
Cyndy McDonaldNow What? Making the Final Decision
All college admissions decisions are in. You have an inbox full of offers from your colleges. How do you know which offer is best? What questions should you be asking? How do you shift through all the offers and make a final decision? Attend this session to learn how to approach this final, most important decision.
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Rebecca Joseph & Cyndy McDonaldStudents/Parents:
Seismic Shifting Sands: College Admissions Applications
2016 will see the launch of a new college application landscape. The college application process is experiencing seismic waves that will be felt for decades, with changes to the Common Application, the introduction of the Coalition College Application and major changes implemented in other systems such as the University of California. How will you get a firm footing in this shifting landscape? Two experienced college counselors, Cyndy McDonald and Rebecca Joseph, will discuss the shifting sands and give tips for parents and students to use to stay on firm ground.View Presentation & Slides