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Study Apps Students Must Have


Do you dream of spending less time studying and still getting great grades?Turn your phone or device into a study machine!  There are great resources available to turn all that time you spend on your phone into something productive.  You may find a favorite that you’ll continue to use in college!

Here are 10 apps you can use to be a better student! 

  1. Evernote: place to keep and record notes (desktop, online and mobile app) 
  2. ScannerPro: an add-on to Evernote, this allows you to “scan” documents with your phone and upload them to Evernote or the cloud  (mobile app) 
  3. Trello: create and track projects (online and mobile app) 
  4. Khan Academylots of subjects covered in a way you can relate to (online) 
  5. GoConqr: create mind maps for projects, make flash cards, create your own quizzes (online and mobile app) 
  6. Wunderlistorganize and share your to-do, work, grocery, movies and household lists (online and mobile app) 
  7. Quizlet: learning tools and flash cards for the 21st century (online and mobile app) 
  8. My Study Life:  an online planner and organizer, never forget a deadline again (online and mobile app) 
  9. XMind: a mind-mapping and brainstorming tool (online and mobile app) 
  10. iStudiez: a student/assignment organizer with multiple features.  You can even enter your grades and calculate your class average or overall GPA (mobile app) 

Many of these resources are free or offer a free basic version you can try out!

Take Action
Use GuidedPath to manage your college related tasks.  Add an assignment for things like essay deadlines, standardized test dates, college visits or anything related to your college or career preparation.  You’ll see these on your calendar and get reminders as deadlines approach.  Add college related documents to Dropbox or Google Drive in a folder that you can share with your counselor on GuidedPath.

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