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Juniors – Road Trip: Preparing for Spring Break College Visits


Edge Tip:

Plan to use your spring break to visit colleges.Their spring breaks are often different than your spring break. Take advantage of seeing a college campus when students are on campus. Here is how you prepare for your spring college visits.

Preparing for the visit

  • Create a College Visit Itinerary. Using the map in Edge, look at college locations. Who can you go visit during the time you have? Don’t worry if you can’t go see all of the colleges. Pick a few in one area to visit.
  • Register for college visits online.  Once you have a list of colleges to visit, register for a campus tour online. Most campuses have an online registration process for scheduling college visits. Resist the urge to plan “drive through” visits.  An official campus tour takes more time, but gives you a better feel for the college/campus. Don’t try to plan too many in a day. 1-2 per day should be your goal.
  • Review your priorities for a good college fit. As discussed in the blog What is College Fit.  fit includes 4 components; academic, social, emotional and physical. See your conversation notes in Edge.
  • Learn the details.  Look up the school’s size, majors offered and other details of interest to you. Use Edge to review college data. It will help make your visit more meaningful if you have the basics down.
  • Create a List of Questions. Write down the top 10 Questions you need answered in your college visit. Focus on learning what you would study and who would you study with.

Your Edge:

Use GuidedPath to follow links to colleges to schedule visits. Take a virtual tour of a college by viewing YOUniversityTV videos from the “Tours” tab.  Review the details on the colleges by clicking on the “Info” and “FISKE” tabs.

Watch for an upcoming blog: How to make the most of your college visits.