...from GuidedPath Edge Guru

It’s Here! Pizzazz in College Planning!

GuidedPath has brought pizzazz to college planning.  Find Pizzazz in your college planning as you:

  • dashboard-overallView information about your college planning from a new, College Dashboard.
  • Browse through a color coded list of all your colleges from the new My College Lists.
  • Can now set admissions expectations directly in My Chances.
  • See application types, including new Coalition colleges on List Summary.
  • Compare opportunities for scholarship money and net price ratings in Net Price Estimates.
  • Easily see locations of all your colleges on College Maps
  • Perform dynamic, interactive search for colleges using Guided Search.

The dictionary defines “Pizzazz” as: “a quality or style that is exciting and interesting.” Pizzazz has vim and vigor! The new look and feel of GuidedPath Colleges feature is exciting, interesting and vibrant!

See for yourself how GuidedPath is transforming the college planning experience with new views and screens to track progress, including the introduction of a new college dashboard. The new College dashboard and screens are only the beginning to the pizzazz GuidedPath is adding to college planning.

Coming soon- starting your 2017 students on Edswell!  Watch for details!

See how GuidedPath has brought Pizzazz to the college planning process!