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Fall SAT and ACT tests

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Maybe you are happy with the test scores you have.  If so, congratulations – that’s one part of the application process completed.  If not, there’s time to take the SAT or ACT and get your results before early college deadlines.  It’s not too early to register for SAT or ACT tests if you plan to take them in the fall.  Register now to get best date and locations, as some locations will fill up. 

Take Action 

Don’t stress!  Keep ahead of the game by adding your tests to GuidedPath Testing schedule.  GuidedPath also has all the ACT and SAT test dates, including subject test dates, for you to choose from.  Test requirements, such as SAT subject tests, are listed as part of the College Information. 

You will receive automatic reminders of registration dates and upcoming tests.  Your parents can be included in the automatic reminders too – so they know you are on staying on top of registration dates and test dates. 

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