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How to Become a College Athlete



Do you have what it takes to play sports in college? Many students do – either at the varsity level, or in clubs and intramurals.  Each athletic division has their own athletic and academic eligibility requirements.  More competitive divisions may want to see videos of your events.   It’s a good idea to keep a record of all your stats, awards and accomplishments.   Fill out the athletic questionnaire on each college website & call or email the athletic director/coach.  Game on!

Varsity Sports

  • NCAA – National Collegiate Athletic Association
    The NCAA includes schools in Div I, Div II, and Div III.  They follow academic eligibility and recruiting rules.Div I and Div II schools can provide athletic scholarships, but full ride scholarships are rare. Div III schools do not provide any athletic scholarships.  But don’t rule them out.  These colleges may offer merit scholarships to make up for the lack of athletic scholarship money.

Register with the NCAA Eligibility Center, if you are interested in a Div I or Div II school.

Register with the NAIA Eligibility Center

Club and Intramural Sports

Colleges also offer club and intramural sport leagues.  These are typically less competitive than varsity sports.  Club teams usually play against other colleges while intramural teams play other teams within the college (“intra” meaning within, “mural” (or muralis) meaning the walls).  Students take part in these teams to compete, have fun, and stay fit.

Take Action
GuidedPath includes information in college profiles about sports offered at the varsity, collegiate club, and intramural level. Evaluate the difference between the different athletic divisions.   

  1. Take the “Athletic Worksheet” survey in GuidedPath.  
  2. Use GuidedPath to determine if a college you like offers your potential sport.