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How do you get money for college?

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How do you get money for college?

Are you receiving emails about “filing the FAFSA” everyday from colleges or your high school counseling office?  Are you wondering what information you need in order to file a FAFSA? Are you wondering when you should file your FAFSA?  We have answers for you and your parents!

What is the FAFSA?

The Free Application For Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is a form students and parents must complete and submit to the federal government to determine their eligibility for federal financial aid?  

Who files the FAFSA?

Since this is a federal program, it is for US citizens or students with a legal status in the United States.  International students are not eligible for federal student aid.

What kind of aid does the federal government offer?

There are three types of aid offered by the US government: 1) Grants, 2) Student Loans, 3) Workstudy.

Where can I learn more about college funding?

Review the documents we have in GuidedPath: College Affordability Shaper survey, Tackling the Basics of College Affordability (parent handout) and the College Affordability Circle.

Top Six Tips for getting ready to file the FAFSA

    1. Create 2 separate FSA ID’s.  Each student and parent need an ID to use to officially sign the FAFSA.  Click here for directions to setting up a FSA ID.
    2. Gather financial records. Request end of year (2015) income and asset records. Use 2014 taxes (if no major changes) as tool for estimating 2015 information.  Prepare to use estimates for your FAFSA.  
    3. Gather personal records. Organize all parent and student social security, birth dates, and other personal information for easy access.
    4. Prioritize your Colleges.  You can only list 10 colleges at a time on the FAFSA.  If you have more than 10, prioritize your list with private and in state schools in the top 10.
    5. Get an early estimate. Take the College Affordability Shaper survey now to get an estimate of your family’s estimated family contribution.  See how the colleges will look at your family’s financial situation, and what kind of money might be available to you.
    6. Plan to file early. The FAFSA application opens January 1, 2016.  Many colleges and state programs have deadlines in February and March.  Plan to file at least 20 days before the deadline. Use estimates. You can always come back to the form and update it with exact numbers later.



Follow these tips and you will sail through completing the FAFSA!

Your Edge

  1. Complete the College Affordability Shaper Survey in GuidedPath Edge.  Review the results with parents.
  2. Read Tackling the Basics of College Affordability to learn how colleges award financial aid.