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How can I get to know my teachers better?



How do you get to know your teachers or counselor better? Here are 3 tips to building relationships with your teachers and counselors.

  • Show up!  Make sure your counselor or teachers know you personally by showing up for class, for appointments and for school activities.  Drop by the teacher’s room or your counselor’s office during lunch, breaks or after school.  Get to know your teachers/counselor and let them get to know you.
  • Speak up! Make your voice heard by asking questions in class. Share thoughts and ideas.  Be an active participant in class or on campus. Don’t be afraid to voice your thoughts or opinions.
  • Stand out! Make yourself known. Be involved in a club or student body activity.  Each activity has a faculty advisor. Get to know that faculty advisor. It is not recommended you do everything. Pick 1-3 things you are really interested in or passionate about and commit your time and energy to those activities. Volunteer to lead committees or to be a leader in the activity.


To Do:

  1. Update your Activity Record in GuidedPath. Be sure to list all your activities.  Who are the advisors for each activity?  Focus on getting to know your faculty advisors better.
  2. Start adding teachers names to the Letters of Recommendation form in GuidedPath. Pay special attention to the Optional section.