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Hot Off the Press! New Testing Features in GuidedPath

The new SAT tests are hot off the press! As students, parents and counselors are assessing the new scores and what they mean, GuidedPath has you covered! Rise above the crowd with our new Testing section, featuring:

  • View information from the ACT or SAT superscores to a testing calendar from a new Test Dashboard.
  • Know which tests are coming up, and which tests you have completed in My Tests.
  • Enter all your test scores and see your ACT or SAT “Super Scores” in the new My Scores.
  • Easily compare your ACT scores to new SAT scores, or compare old and new SAT scores in My Scores.
  • Schedule your fall and spring tests using Schedule by Date.
  • Schedule all your AP, IB or Subject tests using Schedule by Type.

Having the correct tools with the correct data at your fingertips is critical for college planning.  Although other systems are still figuring out how to handle the new ACT or SAT scores, GuidedPath has had you covered since December!  The new ACT-SAT concordance tables are now available too.  Use them to compare and understand student scores.

Stand out as you use all the new Testing tools in GuidedPath. This will keep you on the cutting edge.

Check it out!  Testing data you can use and share! test-dashboard3test-by-date1