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Have you heard from your Early Action or Early Decision schools?


Edge Tip:

December not only means Christmas trees, Hanukkah celebrations and standing under the mistletoe, it also means hearing back from the colleges you applied to in round 1 of Early applications.  This month be sure to:

  • Watch for admissions emails or letters from colleges.
  • Make plans for next steps.

Which type of early application did you complete?  Pick from the following list the types of early college applications you used.

early programs

Round 2 of Early Applications

Depending on the answer you received in Round 1 of applications, you may need to do a Round 2 of applications. You can look for colleges which offer:

  • Early Decision II dates:  typically offered in early-mid January.
  • Early Action II dates: offered December- February
  • Rolling:  available on an ongoing basis

Your Edge:

Use GuidedPath Edge to manage all your admissions decisions.

  1. Record your outcomes in your GuidedPath Edge account.  Mark admissions, deferments or non-admissions under Decisions.
  2. Use Plans to re-organize and add round 2 applications if needed.
  3. Use Progress to view application progress for all college applications.