GuidedPath and Edge Comparison

GuidedPath for Consultants or CounselorsGuidedPath Edge for Families
Guru subscription content provided to advisors for additional cost. Advisor can use it as is or modify it and share in various formats. Advisor is responsible for distribution of the content.Guru subscription included and sent directly to all students and connections. Includes weekly emails to seniors and underclassmen and some assigned tasks.

Link to summary of Guru content in blog format available through GuidedPath.
No direct contact from GuidedPath directly to students - only from organization advisors. GuidedPath contacts students directly with Guru, tasks, webinar offers, etc. Advisors can still send out individual or group messages and tasks.
Advisors provide own support and guidance to families using GuidedPath.Customer Success supports Edge families that have technical concerns or questions.
Advisors can analyze data from groups of students within their organization.Edge Partners can analyze data from the subset of Edge families in their organizations. Edge Partners that are just referrals do not have access to group data.
Families can contact advisors through GuidedPath messaging.Families cannot message advisors from GuidedPath. Advisors can contact students and get responses back into their email or text.
Use of "Assignments" that advisors or families can utilize.Use of "Tasks" instead of assignments. More of a to-do list for families.
"Appointments" can be scheduled between advisors and families."Appointments" are not available.
Essays provided at no cost. Advisors can purchase additional services from Prompt for their students.Essay questions are available to Edge students at no extra cost.
Monthly billing based on number of active students.Annual maintenance fee and then a one time per-student license fee.

Edge Partners have two options:

  1. Refer families to purchase Edge. We offer a referral fee if you recommend to a family that they get an Edge account from our website. The Edge cost is a one time fee of $139 for one student and discounts for multiple students within one family. To get the referral fee, you would provide the families with a special link to our website. So, in this scenario, all you do is tell families about Edge using your special link and if they purchase, you get the referral fee.
  2. Resell Edge to families. You can purchase bulk¬†Edge licenses and then resell it to families on your own, but our key requirement for this option is that you much pre-purchase the Edge licenses. For example, you could purchase 10 or 100 Edge accounts and then resell them on your own. You can collect payments however you like. In this scenario, you have a master Edge Partner account with access to the student’s data.

Contact us at for more details on being an Edge Partner.