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Getting to Know U


Good things come in pairs
Take this survey, pass it around, and compare your answers with your friends.  Everything is better in pairs! 

What are: 

  • 2 things in my room that are important to me. 
  • 2 words that I would use to describe myself. 
  • 2 people who are important in my life. 
  • 2 things I would do if I had a day to myself. 
  • 2 words my friends would use to describe me. 
  • 2 things people don’t know about me. 
  • 2 things I need to learn about college 

Before you know what college is going to offer you, think about what you have to offer the college.  What is important to you?  What is your story?  This is what the colleges will want to know. 

Take Action 

Take the full Getting 2 Know U survey in GuidedPath.  Share your answers with your parents or advisor.  Keep a journal. Record your thoughts and experiences. These are great starts for college essays and make up a story only YOU can tell.