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Getting Ready for Life

There is more to going to college than showing up on campus the first day with books and computer in hand.  Whether it is next summer or years away, use summer time to plan and prepare for going away from home and for getting on campus. Hear what advice two experts in this field have for you. One is a current student in college, and the other wrote a best-selling NY Times book on the topic.

3 Things to Do 

Watch the interviews and make a goal to do at least 3 things to help you get prepared for school next year.

The Importance of People, Places and Patience for Going to College 

Learn why you need these three things are important in college from Harlan Cohen, a New York Times best-selling author. View video. 

5 Tips for Excelling in School 

What can you do to make school easier? Hear about a student’s journey going from high school to college. Mohammad shares what made college easier and a more rewarding experience. View video.