Edge Pricing for Companies & Businesses

Number of Student Licenses PurchasedPrice per LicenseTotal Price

Edge partner bulk pricing is based on:

  1. $2,000 annual subscription for a GuidedPath master account. This account allows customization, co-branding the Edge student experience, on-boarding for families, weekly guru messages, training or education sessions, and use of GuidedPath REST APIs and Zapier.
  2. Licenses can be purchased in the quantities listed in the table and are applied as credits on the GuidedPath corporate master account, then decremented each time a student account is added. Credits used only for families that get an Edge account.
  3. Student accounts can be created (and updated) using either the GuidedPath master account, the REST API or Zapier. GuidedPath can host the corporate family sign-up page.
  4. GuidedPath will provide marketing materials that may be used.

Contact us at Info@GuidedPath.net for more details on being an Edge Partner.