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Do I get docked for guessing on the PSAT?


Don’t be afraid to guess on the PSAT.  The penalty for guessing (deleting a ¼ of a point for each wrong answer) has been eliminated. The SAT has taken a leaf out of the ACT book, which has been testing students for years without a penalty for guessing.


Scores Ranges Differ

The PSAT 8/9 has scores from 120-720.  The PSAT/NMSQT test scores are 160-760. The SAT has 200-800 scores.


Make sure your testing schedule in GuidedPath has the PSAT listed. Select the green “Add a Test Not Found in the Table” button and find PSAT. Check with your counselor for registration and test dates.   Watch a video on how to add a test within GuidedPath.