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Do activities matter?

do activities matterEdge Tip:

Many colleges use activities to understand you more as a person. Remember this goal when you make your list. Tips for getting an edge in your application with activities:

  • Make a master list of all your activities in high school, starting with 9th grade.
  • Write down everything – you can prioritize later.
  • Ask parents and friends for input.  They will remember something you forgot.
  • Be sure to include one time events, like a blood drive or fund-raising event.
  • List things you are involved in, like babysitting, cooking classes, music, sports, reading. They don’t need to be organized activities.

Your Edge:

Complete your Activity Record under Surveys in GP Edge and keep it updated. You can give it to teachers and counselors when they write your recommendations. It will help them write a better recommendation for you. Many college applications will also ask for this list!