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End of year checklist


Senior Checklist

You are almost there!  What are your next steps? 

  • Finish strong!  Strive to get your best grades this semester.  All college acceptances are CONDITIONAL.  They are based on the expectation you will finish strong.  If you do not, your admissions offer can be rescinded. 
  • Plan your room and board.  Complete the forms to request a dorm, select a meal plan and make a housing deposit.  Do this as early as you can.  
  • Schedule placement tests.  Many colleges require you to take Math and/or other placement tests Find out the requirements and get it scheduled.  Sometimes your SATACT, or AP scores will suffice, and you will not need to take the test.  If you have questions about placement test requirements, contact the college. 
  • Schedule new student orientation.  Is your new student orientation in the summer? Or just before you start school?  Don’t miss it – this is often when you register for classes and get other valuable information. 
  • Plan for graduation.  Plan to make this a memorable and safe graduation celebration.  Tell family and friends what you need for college: books, computer, dorm gear, etc. as a suggestion for graduation gifts. 
  • Say thank you.  Tell teachers, counselor, coaches and others that have helped you, “Thank you”.  Give special thanks and appreciation to parents and family for support. 
  • Make summer meaningful.  Plan to work, do community service, improve study skills or other meaningful things over the summer.  Save any money you earn for when you start college in the fall. 
  • Get your shots.  You need to have all your vaccinations up to date before you enroll in college. 

Take Action 

Use GuidedPath to record all your college decisions.  Mark the schools you applied to with admitted, waitlisted or not accepted.  Add in your financial aid awards too.  Turn each of the checklist items into a task in GuidedPath.  

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