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Seniors: Are you done with college applications?  Check your list twice!

Santa may have finished his rounds yesterday but are you done with your college applications? There are multiple steps to getting a COMPLETE application into the college of your choice.  Use the following checklist to see where you are in the process. All of these steps are detailed in your GuidedPath account. 

College Applications 

Filling out the college application is only the first part of the process.  

  • Common Application 
  • Coalition Application 
  • State colleges/universities Application 
  • Individual colleges/university applications 


Check transcript requirements for each college you are applying to. 

  • Transcript required with application 
  • Transcript required after application 
  • Transcript required after enrollment 

You may need to send another transcript in January.  This is known as the “Seventh semester transcript.” It shows your grades from your first semester in senior year. 

Test Scores 

Be sure to request the following test scores to be sent to all your colleges.  Be sure to include both past and future test scores: 

  • ACT 
  • SAT 
  • SAT Subject 

Submit your AP test scores after you graduate, unless requested otherwise. 


Check to be sure your counselor and teachers have completed any recommendations you have requested. 

Financial Aid forms 

College is expensive. Work together with your parents to get your financial aid forms completed.  

  • FAFSA- ALL colleges use the FAFSA 
  • CollegeBoard CSS Profile- some private colleges and other programs use an extra financial aid form. It is quite involved and takes a lot of time to complete.  Watch for deadlines. 

Special applications 

Some special programs (such as honors programs) or scholarships require additional applications.  Check college website for additional applications and deadlines.  

Take Action 

When all of these steps are completed- your college applications will be DONE!  Check in your GuidedPath account. All the steps listed above are in GuidedPath.